Run Yourself Fit

It isn't uncommon to hear people talk about how they would practice yoga, but they're just not flexible enough. Or, even better, it's not uncommon to hear talk about going to the doctor, but not until they're a little bit healthier. It's just as common to hear people talk about wanting to be runners, except they just aren't fit enough to take up the sport. 

Just like you practice yoga to become flexible, you have to start running to be fit enough to be a serious runner. With that in mind, let's tackle some common fears to starting on the path to becoming a runner. 

Concern #1: I'm not fit enough to run

The quickest way to become fit enough to run is to just start running! Unlike so many other sports, you really just need a decent pair of shoes and the will to get started. The time will come where you'll want a running assessment to tweak your form, but until then all you need to do is get started. 

Try running in intervals to get started. Run for 30 seconds and walk for 1 minute, for example. Really, whatever works for you is the perfect place to get started. You may even consider strapping into an AlterG treadmill, which will literally make it seem like you're running in an anti-gravity chamber...because you are! This will take some weight off your shoulders and help you build up your stamina in no time flat. 

Concern #2: I have bad knees! Running is bad for your knees!

This is a common misconception when it comes to running. In fact, most studies show that runners suffer less from arthritic knees than people who don't run. In short, if running bothers your knees you might just need an outside eye to tweak your gait here and there, but overall running is one of the better things you can do to keep your knees strong and healthy. 

Concern #3: I used to run, but was sidelined by an it too soon to go back??

The best person to take this question to is your trusted physical, let me just tell you that if you feel like you're healthy enough to be running and your back-to-sport physical therapy is going well then you are ready to go! Pair your will to get to work with the AlterG and you'll be running in no time. 

Now that we've taken care of your most common concerns, let's talk about all the benefits of a regular running routine that will do the work to get you in that AlterG. 

Benefit #1: Runners live longer

The studies around the general health of runners vs. sedentary individuals is extensive, but all of the findings point to runners having longer life spans. Findings range from runners having fewer cancer occurrences, better heart health, and healthier BMI ratios, just to name a few. It's scientifically safe to say that if you're interested in a long, healthy life than running is for you!

Benefit #2: Extended calorie-burn

Everyone knows that running is great for burning those calories, what a lot of people don't know is that you'll keep burning calories throughout the day even after you've finished your run. If you're a calorie counter, that'll be your favorite news of the entire day. 

Benefit #3: Endorphin highs will be your new best friends. 

Moving is the best thing you can do for your overall emotional well being. You may have heard runners talking about a "runner's high" and thought they were crazy, but once you hit that point in your run yourself you won't ever turn back. Who doesn't want to be happy, healthy, and burning calories all day long?

If your list of reasons keeping you from running keeps getting longer and longer, it's high time you stopped making lists and started lacing up your shoes. Hop into the AlterG and it will take you from a beginning runner to a pro one anti-gravity step at a time.