Three Quick Steps to Find Your Runner's Stride

Spring is quickly turning to summer and you still haven't been hitting the ground running like you promised yourself you would once those long, cold winter months ended. Catching a runner's bug is no easy task, but with these three easy steps you'll have a full-blown summer flu in no time flat. 

  1. Running should be fun and easy and, most importantly, it should be easy on your joints and pain free. Too many people give up on their running dreams because they don't take the time to learn proper running techniques. Luckily you can brush up on that here, and if you're really serious you can come into our office and we can do a full evaluation so you can run pain-free. 
  2. Run where you feel comfortable. This seems like a simple tip, but it's going to make a huge difference if you find you actually prefer running in a small gym versus running the loop in Central Park. Maybe you're energized by the buzz in the park when the sun is out and New Yorker's come flocking to the great outdoors, or maybe you prefer a personal running session in an air-conditioned room with your favorite music blasting in the sound system. 
  3. Find a way to measure or record your progress. It turns out that people (those type A New Yorkers especially...) love to have a way to measure their "progress" and chances are you're no different. Whether it's getting hooked up to a heart monitor, tracking steps, or having a well-developed plan to add on miles every week, having a plan might just be what you need to get your running in gear. 

These three steps take almost no time at all to implement. In fact, other than the first one all you really have to do is make a decision and then do it. So, take a little time to get your running form in check and then let the running bug do the rest. Pretty soon you'll have caught the running bug so badly, nothing else will be able to catch up to you!