Take Your Running Game to the Next Level: AlterG Pro 200

You might remember the amazing benefits of the AlterG for sports rehab, but what about the AlterG Pro model and using it to train for your next marathon or triathlon? Using an AlterG Pro 200 to maximize on your training schedule is exactly what you need to shave those seconds off of your current race time.

Athletes competing at the international level often gamble that their aches and pains won't turn into injuries by training through the discomfort, but what if you had an ace up your sleeve and could keep training without the heightened risk of injury? The AlterG Pro 200 gives you exactly the edge you need to train safely through any discomforts and head into competition injury free. 

With the AlterG Pro 200 athletes of all abilities are able to take their "active recovery" to the next level . Recent studies are showing that incorporating active recovery into training programs helps athletes both relax mentally and physically by reducing and removing lactic acid from the system. It's beneficial to incorporate active recovery both immediately after a workout as well as after a long competition or marathon. So whether you're strapping into the AlterG after your regular workout or using it to recover the day after a long competition, you'll have the awesome benefits of active recovery. 

Serious athletes know that rest and recuperation is just as important as hard and heavy training days. Serious athletes also often have a hard time taking full days off and enjoying time away from their sport. With the AlterG Pro 200 you can have the best of both these worlds by greatly reducing the physical work load of a workout while at the same time offering your body the opportunity to actively recover. 

With the AlterG Pro 200 competitive athletes will be able to work on form, technique, speed drills, and add mileage to their routine safely and effectively. But, as Lamar Burton would say, "...you don't have to take my word for it." Come in today and ease your aches and pains with the Pro 200. If you need more testimonials, here's a word from Alberto Salazar (NYC & Boston marathon winner, American track record holder, and Olympic coach).