Physical Therapy in New York City's Lincoln Square Neighborhood

New York, the city that never sleeps. The Big Apple. The best city in the entire world. We all know it and we all love it. One of the benefits of living in New York is being able to work with world class professionals in any field. People who come to New York City to make their lives and careers are tenacious, type-A go-getters. You know because, well, you are one yourself. 

Physical therapy in New York City offers access to world class therapists and equipment. Sloane Stecker Physical Therapy has had a clinic in New York City's Upper West Side neighborhood for many years and knows how to cater to people who have come to expect the best the city has to offer. Our physical therapy clinic in Lincoln Square is a world class center with world class equipment and out of this world therapists. 

Lincoln Square is a prime location for your physical therapy needs, just a few stops north of Times Square it's easily accessible by just about every subway line in New York City. The Lincoln Square subway stop also offers an elevator for those whose injuries allow for travel on the subway but might make taking the stairs difficult. Not one for the subway? No worries, the cross town bus drops patients from the Upper East Side off just a few blocks from our front doors. 

Once you're in our Upper West Side pt clinic you'll get to take in views from almost every angle of the city. We know the environment you're choosing to work towards your recovery in matters and we have taken this to heart in the design of our physical therapy clinic. Why not recover in the best physical therapy clinic in the world, nestled in the heart of the best city in the world? You can always catch a show at the Met after your session, wander through the American Museum of Natural History, or just celebrate your newfound movement freedom with a stroll through Central Park.