One machine= full body workout.

World class training equipment is just one of the reasons to check out our New York City and Westchester physical therapy clinics, but boy oh boy, is it ever a good one!

While it is true that all you need to consider yourself a runner is the open road and the will to pound the pavement, it's equally true that the right machine can revolutionize your fitness goals. 

If you're looking for just one machine to help you get a full body workout in while still having fun, then the SkillMill from TechnoGym is for you. This non-motorized treadmill challenges your strength while conditioning your cardiovascular health at the same time. Your movement powers the treadmill and the unique design allows you to manipulate the muscles you are toning and conditioning while you work. 

As you can see from this demo video the versatility of the SkillMill is endless. Maybe you're old school and just want a pair of shoes and the Central Park Loop, but if you're the type who likes to constantly challenge and motivate themselves in their workout then TechnoGym's SkillMill should be the next machine on your list of exercise equipment to try. 

Both of our physical therapy clinics in New York City's Upper West Side and in Westchester are well stocked with TechnoGym equipment. Swing by and we'll help you challenge your fitness goals. I'll be fun.