Popular Weekend Workout Apps

Spring has hit New York City and like any sane New Yorker you're probably ready to take your workouts outside. Here are some great high intensity interval apps that will help take your routine to the next level. 

Seven minute workout challenge app will keep your weekend schedule on track. You'll still be able to get brunch, do your shopping for the week, and make your Saturday night plans on time. Do these exercises full on and you'll get the benefits of a one hour workout in just seven minutes. 

BBG app is a craze that has taken the world by storm and you can join the world wide community of instagrammers now! Just take a look at the millions of photos posted by millions of users and you'll be convinced this is a program that works. The exercises are simple and they'll only take 28 minutes out of your weekend. 

Think seven minutes is too little and twenty-eight is too much? Try the twelve minute HIIT app instead! This probably offers the most variety for your workout with 185 workouts too choose from. Easy to use and you'll never get bored with all those options!

Take full advantage of your weekend- ditch the hour long spin classes and spend more time relaxing in the sunshine with these HIIT options.