Burn, Balance, Build and Blend: Surfing in the UWS

You heard of SurfSET during its nationwide debut on Shark Tank and hankered to put your skills to the test, and now is the time to finally try it! Offering three stability settings (easy, intermediate, advanced) and four different workouts based on feeling the burn, finding balance, building strength, and finally combining all of these skills together the SurfSET offers a fun, full-body workout that will have you both laughing and sweating more that you have in years!

SurfSET combines all of the most successful (i.e. trendiest) workouts in New York City right now. SurfSET offers HIIT to burn fat, the cardio benefits of spinning, the versatility of TRX, and the fun and casual vibes of Zumba in one workout. What does all of this mean? Simply that you'll come away with shaking quads and a shredded six pack. 

What to expect

First of all, just be aware that you won't really know what to expect until you are on the board. Don't be a hero and give yourself a break by placing your setting on "easy" until you're ready to graduate to the advanced mode. Even if you have been surfing before, these boards mimic the pros and won't offer the width and stability you find on a beginner's foam board. What does that mean? Get ready to really fight for your balance!

This is where the challenge (and the payoff) comes in, so embrace the instability and fight to stay standing! All the reviews are in and hands down the SurfSET comes in as one of the most fun and challenging workouts on the market. Turns out finding your balance enough to stay standing and then move through a yoga flow is quite the workout, burning anywhere from 500-900 calories in only 45 minutes. 


Do I need to be in shape?

All fitness levels (with approval of a doctor) are able to participate in a SurfSET workout. You just need to come with the right attitude and a willingness to try. You get fit by using SurfSET so don't worry about getting more fit before you try. 

How is this different from surfing? Can I use SurfSET to train for outdoor surfing?

Surfing is an awesome sport, but since a lot of it involves waiting to catch a good wave it takes about twice as long to burn as many calories in water as it does on land. While SurfSET utilizes the same elements as surfing, it cannot exactly replicate the intricacies found in dealing with the unpredictable nature of water. The SurfSET will give you the endurance and the strength to take on surfing, all while giving you an incomparable calorie burn!

Can I use the SurfSET while injured?

Depending on the injury, the SurfSET may or may not be for you. The best part about this question is that if you're taking class at a physical therapy office you'll get your injury checked out as well. 


If you want to blast some calories, develop lean muscle, and have a ton of fun while doing it then the SurfSET is the workout for you and we've got one in the Upper West Side with your name on it!