New Year's Resolutions: Have You Already Kicked Yours to the Curb?

We're rolling into the third week of January and, I don't know about you, but I looked back at my New Year's resolutions and realized I had already forgotten about a few of them. That's right, not only did I just not make a plan to accomplish these goals, I actually forgot I had even set them. Just because a resolution hits a hiccup early on doesn't mean you need to bail on them this early in the game. If you've found yourself in the same predicament, here are some ideas on how to see your resolutions through to the end of the year. 

  1. It's always good to learn from your mistakes, and I've decided the quick glance I took at my resolutions was the perfect thing to keep my forgotten resolutions from slipping permanently from my mind. Write your goals down, maybe even two or three times, and then place them within reach of a few places you frequent (maybe a make-up table or a dresser) and then be sure to read them once or twice during the week. Just for a refresher. 
  2. Make a plan, then work the plan. Having your resolutions in writing is really only a drop in the bucket when it comes to the actual work you'll have to put into achieving them. Take a look at your resolutions and then make a plan of action that has measurable steps to get you to your final goal. 
  3. Remember why these goals were important to you and take time to celebrate small landmarks along the way. Maybe your resolution is to run a marathon this year-- excellent!!-- but don't forget to celebrate your first 5K and half marathon along the way as well. 

Finally, remember that we're Not Just Physical Therapy and if you have a resolution to train harder and achieve new levels of health and wellness this year, we're more than equipped to be part of your plan on getting there!