Health and Fitness Tips for Holiday Trips

With the 4th of July just around the corner, most red-blooded Americans are packing up and hitting the road. 

Whether you're leaving town or have a stellar staycation planned, these health tips and tricks are for you. 

Stay hydrated. 

Even if you're a pro at keeping your water bottle filled, with the rise in temperature for the summer months chances are good you could stand to have a little bit more. If you're like the rest of us forgetful mortals, well, you're probably already a little bit dehydrated. Thirst can also be confused for hunger, causing you to pack in unnecessary calories. Do yourself and your fitness goals a favor by staying hydrated over your summer trips. 

Make your water a little bit more tasty and help it pack an extra detoxifying punch by adding in cuts of cucumber, oranges, berries, or mint. There's really no limit to the combinations you can create, so grab you water and get creative. Your body will thank you for it!

Play games. 

It can be tempting to get lazy and relax on the beach or by the pool, but mix in some fun games and burn some calories while you're at it. If you can get your friends and family to join in, it won't even feel like working out. If you're at the beach you have the added challenge of working in the sand. There's no end to the games and workouts you can trick yourself into enjoying. Have kids in tow? Even better! Reconnect with your own kid brain and you might just be surprised by how much fun you have and can dig into the evening's barbecue guilt free!

Get your rest. 

Take a look at your weekend away (or your weekend in) as a chance to catch up on your sleep. Instead of staying up late and partying into the night, choose to turn in early at least once and sleep in as often as you can. Catching up on sleep can help ease chronic pain and keep you healthier, longer, in general.  Getting enough sleep also contributes to maintaining a healthy weight. Being less tired means more energy for that run or to make dinner, but it also means more leptin- a hormone that helps you register when you're full. 

When in doubt- choose moderation. 

Don't feel like you have to run that 10K every morning or say no to every burger or slice of cake that comes your way. Make sure you do something throughout the day, even fifteen minutes of concentrated exercise is a good start, and stop eating the tasty (calorie laden food) when you're full, which is generally after a few bites. 

Finally, celebrate!

If you focus on having fun and listening to your body, when it's tired or full, and give yourself what you need then you're sure to have a great vacation and a greater level of health. 

Whether you're leaving town or sticking around New York City or Irvington for afternoons on the Hudson or morning runs through Central park, be sure to check in with your local physical therapist if you have any aches or pains or if you're just looking to reach some fitness goals.