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Fitness Tip Tuesday

Fitness Tip Tuesday

You're crushing your goals like a champ. 

Morning runs around Central Park's loop are your playground and you're seriously contemplating signing up for The New York City Marathon. 

Here's one fitness tip that will help take your fitness prowess over the edge. One word: 


How Alcohol Can Affect Your Body Composition

How Alcohol Can Affect Your Body Composition

If you begin a conversation about alcohol, you’re likely to get a chorus of varied opinions.

Your one friend swears that her daily glass of red wine will ward off cardiovascular disease, even if it’s at the expense of her six pack abs. Meanwhile, your gym buddy has a zero-alcohol policy in an effort to remain as lean as possible and avoid the dreaded “beer belly”.

Is it really possible to consume alcohol and still maintain a healthy body weight and composition?

The answer is somewhat complicated and likely depends on your ultimate goals.

Let’s delve a little deeper into the relationship between alcohol and body composition.