Running Event September 10th!

In case you haven't heard....

Sloane Stecker Lincoln Square is hosting a FREE running event for anyone in the New York area interested in feedback from physical therapists on their running form. 

Noraxon technology running assessment in New York City physical therapy clinic

Not only will the highly trained eyes of our physical therapists be at your service, but we'll also offer free running sessions and feedback using our Noraxon technology. Wearing motion sensitive sensors and running on a pressure sensitive treadmill, we will be able to assess with precision the angles and impact of your stride-- something even the most skill and experienced eye can't catch. 

With this information at your disposal you'll be able to take off running with greater gains in your race times and fewer injuries. That's not just a vague promise, that's the guarantee you get with proper running technique and informed training programs. 

Sign up today for the running event Saturday, September 10th 2016.