Physical Therapy: The Secret Weapons for Gait and Balance Disorders

Most people take for granted the ability to walk the streets of New York City, something we all do for miles on end every single day. When just getting one foot off the ground is a struggle, however, you're suddenly painfully aware of all the miles between subways, the height of bus steps, and the endless expanse of stairs in any walk-up apartment. Having a strong gait and steady balance aren't just a nice idea, they're necessary for any New Yorker anxious to get out and about in the city.

Walking is quite simply balancing on one foot, but what if you find you don't have the strength or balance to lift one foot off the ground with ease anymore? Canes and walkers are hindering and clumsy assists and you often sacrifice the health of your spine and internal organs with the unnatural stance they require from your body. How do you keep pounding the pavement, then, without relying on canes, walkers, or Medicare transport services?

We have an answer, a secret weapon some might say, in both our Manhattan physical therapy office and our Westchester pt location. Some might call them "out of this world" or a "feat of modern day science" but we lovingly call them our AlterG treadmills. With the AlterG we are able to harness the awesome power of gravity to assist in regaining strength and coordination with deliberation and assistance that won't also wind up breaking your back or squishing your lungs.

Our other secret weapons, that you won't find in any other physical therapy office in New York, are the talented orthopedic physical therapists we have on staff at both locations. A physical therapist is only as good as the tools he has on hand and ours are able to compliment their immense skill with a solid background in orthopedic pt with a gym full of the highest tech equipment in the industry.

Orthopedic physical therapists have a wide range of skills, but they are best known for working with disorders and imbalances in the skeletal system. Perfect for anyone suffering from weak leg and abdominal muscles or joint/bone issues resulting in a loss of balance and inability to walk with ease and comfort.

Another convenience you'll want to have on your side in your physical therapy journey is an office that is easily accessible and is able to process your insurance without a hassle. We are extremely proud to offer unparalleled therapy to Medicare patients in New York City. Within easy (enough) walking distance from any Upper West Side location our office is on the 15th floor of an amazing elevator building, so no daunting steps up or down the subway or to the office's front door. As for the views, trust me, Manhattan has never looked so good.