Fitness Tip Tuesday

It takes a village....

Your health goals are important. Don't think you have to pursue them alone. 

This year as you approach your new year's resolutions try being open with people and freely sharing your goals for 2017. You'll have the benefit of having someone on your side as you tackle your fitness resolutions for the new year and the much needed pressure of someone to be accountable to. 

Choose someone you trust and let them in on your goals for 2017. Be sure they are committed to doling out some tough love and they know the ins and outs of your fitness goals for the year. If you can, find someone with goals you can support as well. Pick a person who is going to be in your corner and will help you stay firmly committed to your resolutions and be prepared to do that same for them. 

If you're feeling really bold you might even let your social network in on your big plans and can post progress pictures. It might be intimidating at first, but a good #transformationtuesday post can make a big difference on the road to your goals and pretty soon you'll be hooked. 

Finally achieve your new year's resolutions and fitness goals this year by letting your network in on your goals. They'll help hold you accountable and you'll have the support and motivation to achieve your ultimate health goals. Then, when you're ready, consider hiring a physical therapist as your personal trainer