Physical Therapy and Women's Health: Celebrate International Women's Day!

It's never too late to celebrate International Women's Day! In fact, women are so great maybe they should be celebrated everyday, am I right? Self-care is an incredibly important part of a women's health routine and a healthy dose of physical therapy is always helpful when trying to stay in tip-top-shape!

Here's a quick look at how physical therapy can play a strong role for women in maintaining their good health: 

Osteoporosis: Women need to maintain healthy levels of activity to ensure they don't suffer from increased bone loss. As women age they tend to lose bone density which can lead to skeletal deformities and bone breakage. Combat this with a healthy physical therapy routine!

Pelvic Floor: Most women accept weak pelvic floor muscles after giving birth as commonplace; however, with the right physical therapist you can see a great deal of improvement in the strength of your pelvic floor. Don't accept all the ailments that come with pelvic floor weakness (leakage, sexual discomfort, etc.), instead get yourself to the pt and get your routine started!

Sports Rehab: This one isn't quite in the vein of "women's health" but I'm including it because it really should be. If you're physical routine has been kicked to the curb due to injury it's time to get back to your regular fitness routine. Regular exercise is great for reducing stress, depression, and anxiety. It's also great for lowering your risk of dementia, stroke, and certain cancers. If that doesn't convince you, regular exercise is also great for your skin, sex life, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Get back to your sport with physical therapy! 

These are just a few common ways physical therapy might be able to help you maintain your health that you haven't thought of before. Remember, don't let the world just celebrate you one day out of the year. Take your health into your own hands and make International Women's Day a 365 event.