Holiday Health & Physical Therapy Plan in Only Five Steps

You've got a plan to get back-to-sport after your injury or recent surgery and you're not going to let the Holidays get in the way of your goals. You've got too much grit, you are a New Yorker after all. 

There's no reason to let celebrations get in the way of your recovery or to let your good times slow down your hard work. Here's a fool-proof plan in just five easy steps to keep you on track over the Holiday season.

Stay on your physical therapy plan

The Holiday season is a great excuse for letting go of good habits and goals carefully cultivated after months of hard work. You can still kick back and cut loose while maintaining your physical therapy plan. Commit to finding ways to incorporate your work, whether it's fitness/wellness goals or your physical therapy recovery plan.

Moderation is key

Give yourself permission to enjoy yourself, whether this means you indulge in some treats or an extra sip or two of a lively spirit is entirely up to you. Keep in mind that a little can go a long way with the right attitude and be sure to chew your food and sip slowly.

Every little bit counts

Maybe you're used to an "all or nothing" attitude. That's great, in general, but it's the Holidays! Most people will make this an opportunity to let go of all their goals, but you know that every little bit counts, so you'll take the time to work your physical therapy or your workout into your day even if it's only half of what you usually do. 

Get your family and friends in on the fun

The family that physical therapies together, stays together...or something like that. The Holidays are about family, show them what you've been spending your time doing. They'll love knowing more about you and they'll appreciate the quality time and fun new activities. Also don't discount the power of play in your physical fitness! Be sure to get any really strenuous activity cleared by your physical therapist, but if you love making a winter wonderland your playground then make plans with family and friends for some outdoor adventures. 

Schedule an extra physical therapy session and make a plan

Most of the time life is pretty unexpected. You probably didn't plan to get injured or to have surgery or to spend your time in physical therapy. However, you can plan for the upcoming Holiday season. Schedule an extra physical therapy session with your therapist to make plans specifically for the upcoming weeks of festivities.

Make a plan, then work the plan. 

Enjoy the holiday season. We'll be here to get you prepped to keep your physical therapy on track and to help you train hard so you can play hard. Before you know it, it will be time to ring in the New Year with a brand new set of fitness and wellness goals for our physical therapy teams in Westchester and New York City to help you tackle. 

Happy Holidays!