What is preventative physical therapy?

Physical therapy is well utilized to recover from injury or surgery, but one of the best uses of a physical therapist is in injury prevention. Looking at physical therapy as a source of preventative care will help individuals avoid injury, chronic pain conditions, and often even surgery

For athletes this could be the key between a record breaking season and sitting out due to injury. Physically fit individuals easily succumb to the wear and tear of daily stress on the body. A pivot during a game can easily turn into a career changing ACL injury. Improper running form can create lasting postural problems and chronic aches and pains. Conversely, working with a physical therapist can help an athlete gain agility, build endurance, and perform better than ever. 

Training with a physical therapist can reveal potential danger areas for physical ailments, future aches and pains. Preventative care doesn't only benefit athletes and the physically adventurous. Like any other form of health care, a regular check up with your physical therapist in New York City or Westchester should be a top priority for maintaining optimal health. 

A regular check up with your physical therapist can help determine and prevent potential injuries helping in preventing orthopedic, muscular, and neurological disorders. Preventative physical therapy is for everyone and should be a priority in your health maintenance. This year when you're scheduling your wellness appointment with your doctor and your dental check-up, add a visit to your physical therapist to the list. It might just save you some aches and pains down the road.